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223 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
(518) 828-5165 — FAX (518) 828-5184

All About Tanzy's

Here is part of the Crew at Tanzy's

Tisha, Sandie, Janice, and Jade

Here is the private Dining Room

Tanzy’s is a small café and gift shop serving breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. It is run by two sisters, Tisha and Sandie, who do the cooking, and features a simple menu of everyday items. The soup of the day and the daily specials have a more trendy flavor for the modern palate and all the food is home made. Food is purchased from local merchants, bakers and farmers as much as possible in an effort to support the community.

Tanzy’s gets its name from the owners' father, Frank Tanzillo. Franks' nickname was Tanzy and the sisters thought it a catchy name for their establishment. Accordingly, they have procured his favorite breakfast meat, Taylor pork roll, and are featuring it on their menu. No one in the local area offers this meat, but it has great appeal in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. The pork roll can accompany breakfast eggs or come prepared as a sandwich, the traditional way Tanzy enjoyed it, on a hardroll with mustard.

Tanzy’s is located at 223 Warren Street in Hudson. Although it is outside the main business area, Tanzy's provides a comfortable setting for enjoying a homemade meal at an affordable price. Many customers say they feel like they are in their grandmother's kitchen.The sisters have chosen to maintain the integrity of the interior as much as possible and have furnished the cafe with antique style fixtures and table cloths. The building itself was formerly known as the Berrelli building and was famous for its gambling and pool hall. Since the area surrounding the café was the old Italian section of Hudson, many of the neighbors remember the pool hall and Tanzy himself.

Since the Tanzy sisters were born in Hudson and grew up in the neighborhood of Tanzy’s, they have an excellent feel for the area on lower Warren Street, it’s current revitalization and it’s core group of customers. They are dedicated to being a part of the regrowth of the area and will contribute by providing good food at a reasonable price to the local businesses and residents. With the current work ethic of eating at your desk, lunchtime delivery service is available.

The afternoon tea service is the first of its kind in Hudson. The afternoon tea menu changes monthly and is substantial enough to satisfy the lunchtime appetite. Tea is the most widely used beverage in the world second to water, and is enjoying a renaissance in this country. We are experiencing a trend toward a beverage lighter than coffee and something with less caffeine. Tanzy's offers fine quality teas with delicate flavors that enhance the tea food selections. Tea Forte and Revolution Tea herbal blends are also available.

Afternoon tea in the tea room provides an ideal setting for an escape from a hectic daily routine. Tables will be set with some traditional accouterments like fine china to add to the feeling of indulgence and relaxation. In-house tea service can be arranged for private parties of up to 40 in our main dining room or a small party of 6 in the private tea room. The menu can be customized to suit the occasion. This charming concept of tea parties is ideal for bridal and baby showers, retirement parties, birthday celebrations or special business meetings.

The gift room at Tanzy’s sells gourmet food items and some unusual gift items with a focus on tea and tea related items. Gifts are in a moderate price range and offer a little something for a wide vaiety of tastes.

The sisters want their diners to feel at home and their employees to have fun working here. They believe that everyone does what they do best. That's why the daily specials board denotes the name of the person who made the soup, the special dessert or what have you, since they all love to cook. Dining at Tanzy's is definitely a satisfactory experience for all who open the door.

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