Somes Sound View Campgroud on Mount Desert Island, Maine
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Somes Sound View Campground

Things to Do On and Around Mt. Desert Island

Boating/Fishing/Nature Cruises Mount Desert Island is surrounded by salt water and there are several large fresh water lakes on the Island. Boating, Kayaking and Nature Cruises are available from vendors on the island or you can bring your own boat and use our Boat Ramp.

Hiking/Bicycle Mount Desert Island abounds in Hiking Trails. There is an extensive trail system within Acadia National Park. The Mountains are not high, and the bare, open peaks offer breathtaking views. The Carriage Roads in the National Park offer miles of biking fun.

Golf There are three golf courses on Mount Desert Island.... Causeway, a nine hole course, is only 4 miles away in Southwest Harbor. Northeast, 18 holes, is across the Island in Northeast Harbor. Keebo, the oldest in the Northeast, 18 holes of superb play. is located just outside Bar Harbor.

Bird Watching/Photography Mount Desert Island is home to an astonishing diversity of birds and is a popular destination for bird-watching enthusiasts. A checklist of birds in Acadia National Park lists 326 species present at some time over the years, either as summer or winter residents, transients, or rare visitors. Photographers have an unlimited amount of spectacular scenery to practice their specialty on. It seems that around every bend there is another "picture postcard" waiting to be immortalized. Bring all your cameras and plenty of film.

Museums The Oceanarium in Southwest Harbor and Bar Harbor are activities not to be missed. Here you can handle ocean critters and see them close-up. The kids will make faces and funny sounds when handed a wriggling lobster or star fish, but they will love it.... and never forget the experience! The Gilley Museum of Carved Decoys is an outstanding presentation of the work of a Southwest Harbor carver.

Restaurants Maine is known world-wide for its Lobster. The Lobsters caught in the cold, nutrient-rich waters off Mt. Desert Island are the most succulent to be found along the entire coastline! In spite of the fact that early settlers often rebelled at having to eat Lobster all the time, our visitors today can't seem to get enough of them. The many Restaurants on the Island are only minutes from the Campground. Most serve "Land-Lubber" dishes also, but Lobster is King!

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Somes Sound View Campground
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