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Howe Through Truss Bridge Construction

The winter of 2002-2003 was a hard one here in the mid-Hudson River Valley. Several snow storms and ice storms deposited heavy amounts of the white stuff on the O&GRR. The railroad survived quite well.... the only major catastrophe was the destruction of the bridge over the inlet of the Mill Pond.

This page will chronicle the building of the new bridge. The materials are on hand: red cedar lumber, brass rods, brass nuts and washers, all are stockpiled and ready for construction.

The design of the bridge has been simplified by George Schreyer at Howe Truss Bridge. Pictures and progress reports will be posted here as the new bridge takes shape.

Ripping the timbers for the new bridge on the old (1930s) Craftsman table saw.

Drilling the ends of the Trusses using a simple jig.

Threading the ends of the Truss pins:
3/32" brass rod.

Bridge timbers cut to size, drilled, and stacked
ready for assembly.

Assembling one of the Trusses with threaded
brass 3/32" rods, washers and nuts.

A completed Truss. It is amazing how strong this is!

The completed bridge with hand-laid track

The new bridge installed on the Main Line of the


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