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wa2fti ~ David


Bass Harbor

Find the corner in Bass Harbor
where Rte 102A and Lighthouse Road meet.
At this juncture lies the treasure:
box, book and stamp, that you seek.

On the southeast side of the curve
start on the path less traveled on:
through rocks that as sentinels serve.
Notice well the Eastern most stone.

Behind this stone, beneath rocks and sticks,
You shall find our lovely box of tricks!

The location of the Letterbox is quite close to some campsites: please be very discreet while searching for the box and doing your stamping. Please hide the box well before leaving... be sure it's not visible from any side or the top.

If the box is damaged or missing, please send me an email. Click on the address below. Why not email me anyway... I'd like to hear about your trek to the Lighthouse.

After you have found the Bass Harbor Corners Letterbox, be sure to go the one-half mile down Light House Road to see Bass Harbor Head Light House, one of the prettiest and most photographed light house one the Maine Coast. Large motor homes and vehicles with trailers should park near the Letterbox location and walk down and back. The parking area at the Light House is small, and doesn’t have room for large vehicles to turn.


Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

Bass Harbor Head Light House

Send email to:

Letterboxing North America

Bass Harbor Campground

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