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wa2fti ~ David


Hudson WYE

Go to the Amtrak Depot in Hudson City;
a seldom used track you will spy
past the Train Station, just a bitty:
It's the North leg of the Hudson Wye!

Between the North and South leg of the Wye
there stands a large lump of concrete.
Pull off on the gravel and park nearby
to look for the treasure that you seek.

Search around now on the lump's East side:
for a smaller slab leaning against the larger.
(Notice the square hole in its side)
behind this slab awaits your treasure

The location of the Letterbox is close to the Hudson Train Station and the road is heavily traveled: please be very discreet while searching for the box and doing your stamping. Please hide the box well before leaving... be sure it's not visible from any side or the top.

If the box is damaged or missing, please send me an email. Click on the address below. Why not email me anyway... I'd like to hear about your visit to the Train Station and Lighthouse.

After you have found the Hudson Wye Letterbox, be sure to visit the Hudson Train Station, built in 1874 and recently restored. It's one of the most active of Amtrak's Stations. The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse is just South of the Hudson Wye and just off the shore on this side of the river.


Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

Hudson Train Station

Hudson-Athens Light House

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Letterboxing North America

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse

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