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Published by the Rip Van Winkle Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
March, 2002
Annual Auction Set for March 18 Meeting
At J.L.E. Elementary School in Hudson

    Once again it’s time to search out our attics, cellars, and the remote corners of our ham shacks for goodies to bring to the Annual March Auction.

    Shelly, AA2Y and Wayne, K2WG will take on the duties of auctioneers for this long-awaited event. As usual, the Club realizes a 10% fee on each item sold. Since this is one of our major money raising events (and, as usual, the treasury is low!) everyone is urged to bring some useful ham gear and parts that will tempt even the most frugal of us to buy!

    Older, working hf rigs are especially needed by the newer hams in our ranks. A good working rig is essential for any ham, but a new-comer will be grateful to find a decent transceiver at a reasonable price. Of course, top of the line radios are welcome and quite often bring a very good price.

    Computer equipment and software haven’t moved very well in years past, but, with the current surge of the digital modes, PSK31, SSTV, etc., there should be a market for used computers with sound-boards installed.

    The Auction will follow the regular 7:00 p.m. business meeting. Coffee and goodies will be available.

Dave WD2K Recuperating

    We’re pleased to report that Dave is recuperating in a rehabilitation center. The No Visitor sign is still up, but cards and letters are certainly welcome. So, dash off a note to Dave on your QSL card and mail it to his home as listed in the Club Roster. Dave will appreciate hearing from you! In the meantime, the avid DXers in the club report that DX hunting is easier for some reason now. Hurry back Dave!

Newsletter to go by Snail and Email

    Beginning with this issue of Rips Report those members with Email addresses will receive it in their Email Inbox only. Members who do not have computers and access to Email will receive the Newsletter via “Snail Mail” as always. This experiment is being tried because of a low treasury balance and rising postage rates. Copies of the Rips Report will be available at the monthly meetings. Comments, pro and con, are welcome…. either in writing or at the next meeting.

    The latest, up-to-date Roster of Club members is enclosed with this newsletter this month. Please check your listing carefully. If there are any mistakes, please let Stan WA2UET know so we can keep the roster up to date. If your name, or your friend’s name isn’t on the list it’s because you have not paid your dues for the 2001-2001 year.

    Also, Ye Interim Olde Editor would appreciate some help in the form of articles, items for sale, cartoons, DX brag lists, or what-have-you to fill up the empty columns.

Page 2 — March, 2002

Ten Commandments
For Hams
  1. Beware the lightning that lurketh in the undischarged capacitor, lest it cause thee to bounce upon thy buttocks in a most untechnician-like manner.

  2. Cause thou the switch that supplieth large quantities of juice to be opened and thusly tagged, that thy days in this earthly veil of tears may be long.

  3. Prove to thyself that all circuits that radiateth and upon which thou worketh are grounded and thusly tagged lest they lift thee to radio frequency potential and causeth thee also to make like a radiator.

  4. Tarry not amongst those fools who engageth in intentional shocks for they are surely nonbelievers and are not long for this world.

  5. Take care-that thou useth the proper method when thou takest the measure of a high voltage circuit lest thou incinerate both thyself and thy meter, for verily, though thou hast no account number and can easily be surveyed, the test meter doth have one and, as a consequence, bringeth much woe unto the supply department.

  6. Take care that thou tampereth not with safety devices and interlocks, for this incurreth the wrath of thy supervisor and bringeth the fury of thy safety inspector down upon thy head.

  7. Work thou not on energized equipments for if thou dost, thy fellow workers will surely buy beers for thy widow and console her in other ways,

  8. Service thou not equipment for electrical cooking. It is a slothful process and thou might sizzle in thine own fat for hours upon a hot circuit before thy Maker sees fit to end thy misery,

  9. Trifle thou not with radioactive tubes and substances lest thou commence to glow in the dark like a lightning bug and thy wife have no further use for thee except thy wages.

  10. Thou shalt not make unauthorized modifications to equipment. but causeth thou to record all field changes and authorized modifications made by thee, lest thy successor tear his hair out and go slowly mad in his attempt to decide what manner of creature hath made a nest in the wiring of such equipment,
FCC Says NO to Further
Antenna Pre-emption

    The FCC has denied — for the third and last time — an ARRL petition to extend the limited federal pre-emption of local laws relating to amateur antennas and towers to include so called “CC&Rs” and other deed restrictions in planned communities and condo developments. The full Commission heard this final appeal and ruled that current protections are sufficient and that hams who cannot operate at home due to these antenna restrictions should operate mobile, at club stations, or at some other location away from home. The Commission also said they will not try to overrule private contracts without specific orders from Congress. The ARRL is working on plans to bring hams’ case to Congress.

    Amateurs who encounter difficulties in getting permission to erect an antenna in any setting (private home, condo, apartment) may find some help from a new page in the ARRL website. The “Antenna Restrictions How-to Chart” at: It is a step-by-step guide to working with local governments, homeowner’s associations, and landlords. It is not a substitute for professional legal advice and assistance, which is recommended if you encounter resistance to any antennas you plan to construct.

     In the meantime, the antenna litigation in Kinderhook still hasn’t been resolved.


President — Wayne Gearing K2WG
Vice President — David Clapper WA2FTI
Secretary — Erika Goetz KC2DMI
Treasurer — Stan Engel WA2UET
Historian — Ken Goetz N2SQW
Newsletter — Dave Watrous WD2K
Interim Newsletter — David Clapper WA2FTI
E-mail —
Repeaters — 147.21 222.24 449.925
BBS — 145.03 K2RVW-4
DX Cluster — 145.71 K2RVW
Club Call — Kilo 2 Rip Van Winkle
Web Page —


March 18th — 7:00 p.m.
J.L.E. Elementary School
4th and State Streets
Hudson, NY

— Talk-in on 147.21 —