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e-Pass Collection

A Railroad Pass is usually issued to a Railroad's Train Crews, VIP's and, as a courtesy, the management and VIP's of other Railroads so that they might ride the host's trains without charge.

While it would be a challenge for us 1:1 beings to ride in a "G" Scale passenger car, we as Garden Railroaders, can borrow a page from Ham Radio Operators who send "QSL" cards to other Hams they contact. (Visit my "WA2FTI Ham Radio Page" to see my QSL Card.) Thus the exchanging of Passes, or e-Passes, among Garden Railroaders. I also have printed copies to hand out when meeting a fellow Garden Railroader in person.

If you would like to exchange an e-Pass with the O&GRR, email your request (with your e-Pass attached) and we will send you our e-pass in return. All e-Passes received will be displayed on this page. Click on a pass to go to the related web site.


City of Zamboanga, The Philippines

Bill Connelley's Garden RR


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