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The Positiv

MAY 11, 2002
1:00 PM

beginning at


Emmanuel Lutheran, St. John’s Lutheran, St. Mary’s R.C.,
St. John the Evangelist Episcopal

Presented by
Hudson-Catskill Chapter of the AGO
Rosenberry and Myers Organbuilders

For info. 845-687-8820,

Hudson Organ Crawl, Hudson, NY

Saturday, May 11, 2002 at 1:00 PM

Sponsored by
the Hudson-Catskill Chapter of the AGO
and Rosenberry and Myers Organbuilders

There will be a brochure made up with specifications of each organ. Also listed will be a short organ program that Steven Rosenberry, AAGO, will play at each church. Steven Rosenberry and Ed Myers, from Rosenberry and Myers Organ Builders, will give a little talk about each of the organ builders. We are going to 4 churches. The 3 Hudson churches are close to each other and the Church in Stockport is 4 miles north of Hudson and easily reached. Hudson, NY is located on the east bank of the Hudson River about 25 miles south of Albany, N.Y. It can be reached by traveling on route 9 from the south or north. For information contact: Matt Jones 845-687-8820,

      Begin 1:00 PM - begin Organ Crawl at Emmanuel Lutheran Church 20 South 6th Street. Emmanuel Lutheran has a good parking lot. The parking lot sits next to the church on the corner of Sixth and Union Streets. (Many of the streets in Hudson are one-way and you may have to go around the block to get to the churches.)
The organ is an 1892 J.W. Steere and Son. It is a tracker and the case pipes still have their original stenciling.

     1:45 PM – go to St. John’s Lutheran Church at the corner of 6th and Columbia Streets. You can walk the 2 short blocks to St. John’s Lutheran. If you need to drive you go up Sixth Street. St. John’s is on the left side of Sixth Street 2 blocks up.
The organ is originally a J.W. Steere but was rebuilt in 1971 by the Berkshire Organ Co. It is a modern tracker that is voiced in Neo-Baroque style.

     2:40 PM – to St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church. St. Mary’s is located at 429 Allen St. This address is the corner of Allen and Court Streets. Standing across Court Street on a town square is city hall. You can return from St. John’s Lutheran to Emmanuel Lutheran to pick up cars and drive to St. Mary’s.
The organ is by William W. Laws in 1930. It has 7 divisions and pneumatic action.

     3:45 PM – St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in Stockport is on county route 25 north of Hudson approximately 4 miles. To get to County Route 25 head north from Hudson on route 9. You will leave the city of Hudson and go past a number of shopping centers. The shopping centers will end, things will become more rural and the 40 m.p.h. speed zone will end. Shortly after the end of the 40 m.p.h. speed zone there is a water tower on the right. Very soon after the water tower there is a road that “y’s” to the right. This is County Route 25. Unfortunately there is no sign for Route 25. Take route 25 about a quarter mile and on the left is St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church. St. John’s is a dark brown wooden church behind some trees. If you miss the turn for route 25 there is another little road after it that has signs marked for Stockport.
The organ was built by William J. Stuart and Brothers. It is an 1891 tracker with stenciled case pipes and was moved from Albany, N.Y.

4:30 end