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Published by the Rip Van Winkle Amateur Radio Society, Inc.
June, 2002
QNZ de K2WG…

Well, after 32 years I’ve decided to pull the plug. The early retirement incentive passed by the NYS legislature was too good to pass up. So, I’ll be joining AA2Y, WD2K, WA2FTI, WA2KCU, WB2DUW and all those other retirees. If they are right, I’ll be busier now than when I was gainfully employed. The bad news is though that the XYL won’t reach retirement age for another two years. We’ll work something out. Anyone have any good recipes? I might as well have dinner ready when she gets home. Laundry is no problem. I can handle that. Vacuuming? No problem! Dusting….Hmmmm…….

So, now those elusive DX stations that only show up at 0300 our time will be mine at last! There are plenty of daytime nets out there also. I hope I don’t become one of those old fogies with boring war stories that get told over and over again with each QSO. Of course, I’ve heard some young fogies do the same thing. The ARRL is offering some on-line courses. Maybe I’ll enroll for some of those. I’m going to continue to work part-time as a 911 dispatcher for Columbia County. A hobby related job? Plans are still unfolding for increased ARES and RACES activity in the RVWARS area, so stay tuned! Nice turn out for the SkyWarn training last month. It was also a good opportunity to explain HAM radio to the non-HAM’s that showed for training. Some stayed and asked questions after the training. That’s a good sign. For you severe weather buffs, check out this web site:

A special TNX to Marty N2LDR, Bob WB2DUW, Carl WB2TCV and Dana N2KN for doing a great job with the Technician course this spring. Two students received their Tech license at the VE

session and one upgraded from Novice to Tech Plus. We also had three walk-in candidates and one of them left as an Extra! Congratulations to all!

Hope to see everyone at the June meeting to make final plans for field day. Most systems are go, but we need to do some tweaking on others. Everyone’s input is always welcome. Mark your calendars now – June 22nd and 23rd at the Chatham Fair Grounds. Use the Route 66 entrance and PLEASE do NOT drive on the race track.

73 for now…. AR SK de K2WG

June Meeting:
June 17 at 7:00 p.m.
Community Center — Athens

Business Meeting — Field Day Preparations

Page 2 — June, 2002
Tues. Emergency Net Notes

As your Tuesday night Net Control, I just want to say that the Net needs more check-ins. I would like to do more training on message handling, and net operations. I know every one thinks “Skip will be here to run Net,” but in all fairness, I would like to see more hams be net controls.

You never know when an emergency will happen. It is not a hard job folks, it is fun. You can start as a alternate net control, which means you just copy along, ( This important because if my rig fails, or electric goes out the alternate net control can take over.) Also if any one has ideas about training or other suggestions please call or e -mail me at

In closing, remember this is your Net!

WA2FTI in Hospital for Surgery

Dave, WA2FTI, went in to the Columbia Memorial Hospital on June 12 to have the metal plate removed from his leg. Dave says it’s the same leg he broke playing golf last summer, and since attempts to load the leg on 75 (or any other band!) have proved to be fruitless, he’s giving up and is having the metal removed. “Ought to make getting on an airplane easier” Dave remarked. He and Ann have been delayed in their annual Maine trip, but they hope to leave soon after the short hospital stay. Dave still hopes to work the Field Day gang on 20 meter PSK31 from Maine.

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Landmark Bill Could Provide Amateurs
Relief From Restrictive Covenants

A bill introduced in Congress this week could provide relief to amateurs prevented by private deed covenants, conditions and restrictions--CC&Rs--from installing outdoor antennas. Rep Steve Israel (D-NY) introduced the "Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Consistency Act" on May 14. The bill has been designated H.R. 4720. Rep Greg Walden, WB7OCE (R-OR)--the only Amateur Radio operator in Congress--and Rep Pete Sessions (R-TX) have signed on as original cosponsors.

With respect to ham antennas, the measure would subject private land-use regulations to the PRB-1 limited federal preemption that now applies only to governmental zoning and land-use regulations. It contains but one sentence: "For purposes of the Federal Communications Commission's regulation relating to station antenna structures in the Amateur Radio Service (47 CFR 97.15), any private land use rules applicable to such structures shall be treated as a state or local regulation and shall be subject to the same requirements and limitations as a state or local regulation."

H.R. 4720 is expected to be assigned to the Telecommunications and Internet Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

After the ARRL ran into a brick wall trying to convince the FCC to include CC&Rs under PRB-1, the League's Board of Directors agreed to pursue a congressional remedy. ARRL President Jim Haynie, W5JBP, and other League officials met with Israel, Walden, Sessions and others on Capitol Hill earlier this year to discuss the prospect of such a bill and how it should be worded. With the proposal now in the legislative hopper, Haynie urged ARRL members to write their members of Congress and voice support for the measure.

Haynie said the important thing to point out is that the bill, if passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the president, would give amateurs living under CC&Rs an opportunity for reasonable accommodation they don't have now.

Visit the US House of Representatives "Write Your Representative Service" Web page for information on how to contact your representative. A sample letter is available on the ARRL Web site
ARRL Letter VOL 21 NO 20

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